Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome Back, Old Friend

It has been brought to my attention that it has been over a year since I've posted a writing challenge.... Hmm. What is my excuse? Well, I can think of at least a couple, but the most important one is lack of response : ( You guys got too busy!

So, knowing that after a year the audience may have changed slightly (for example, we have some new readers and writers!), I have decided to try again. Here's what I won't do: go back over all the old posts and make sure I haven't used an idea before. We'll probably use them again, and that's fine. They were fun. In fact, maybe I WILL go back over them, for ideas : )

I am particularly eager to give a writing outlet to our little ones, and a place where they can interact since they are too young for Facebook! However, this forum is open to all, whether you are 6 or 60, home schooled, in college, a mom, a dad, a toddler, a drop-out. Or other. Now you have to fit ONE of those categories, so you are welcome here. [You don't have to be old enough to write. You can dictate.] I suppose it goes without saying that all entries MUST be, in my opinion, in good taste. If they're not, I'll delete them. Sorry. You get to be the Boss of your own blog.

In the past, I have loved the mix of ages and perspectives. Please feel free to share this site with others. The subjects / assignments will generally be updated weekly, or approximately so. So here's our re-launch!

To welcome back our old friend October, we will have
TWO poetry assignments. The first will be today; the
second will be next Wednesday. Today's must follow
these rules:

1. It must be a tribute to October (or anything October brings),
a thankful hymn for it, or a verse describing it.

2. It can rhyme -- or not.

3. It must mention or refer to a color (such as red, or blushing...
it doesn't have to be the name of a crayon).

4. Funny, serious, sad, whatever.

5. It can mention October (or not).

6. It can be anywhere from 2 to 8 lines.

7. You can write as many poems as you want.

(Make each a separate entry --you make an entry by commenting).

Okay, ready? Go!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Your Calendar Just Got Full

Yep, election time is approaching fast.

So in order to REALLY get to know the candidates, let's say you are given the opportunity to visit on
  • Monday with Obama
  • Tuesday with McCain
  • Wednesday with Biden
  • Thursday with Palin
  • Friday with Ron Paul
and do the following things to find out who they really are:

1. Play any table game / board game, or outdoor sport (your choice) with each candidate. Which game, and why?

2. Take him or her out to any restaurant you choose, for small talk. Which one, and why?

3. Ask the candidate one hypothetical question, such as "If you were in office and...."

4. Ask the candidate the following question: "What is your favorite....? "

5. Ask one completely random question, your choice.

6. Take the candidate to a national landmark, where you can take it in together, and where you can have a picture made with the candidate. Which landmark?

7. And just for fun, What would you wear??

It will be simpler if you answer each question
the same for each candidate/ day of the week. You can wash your outfit each night : )
But if you want to tailor each day differently, feel free.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Noah Buncha Good Names?

As you've probably noticed (if you've been around this blog for a while), there is a good bit of variety to the challenges I post. This is, of course, intentional. A few of you love a good writing challenge, even if it means devoting 5 or 10 minutes (or even more) to it. Others see the serious assignment as just that -- an assignment, thanks but no thanks.

So I try to strike a balance. Some more -- shall we say -- strenuous exercises, for those of you who came over for a good stretch.... and some quick and painless toe-touches for the rest of you.

Today, once again, you get off easy. You won't even have to break a sweat.

Today's focus is not so much on your organizational ability, your lovely framing of ideas or events, or your ability to rhyme or even to remember. Today you get to show (yourself) that you can succinctly sum up (or name) a mental image. Or ten.

Sound daunting? Nah.

Here it is:

Pretend for a moment you are Noah (this can be a first century Noah, or a present day Noah).
Or Mrs. Noah. But here is your task:
To keep the animals straight (and to pass a lot of ark time), you've decided to name some of the animals. Thinking of them as pets make this job a little less arduous, especially around Day 39 of closed doors.

So, what (pet) names would you give the following list of critters? (Each couple needs 2 names, like Fred & Ethel.)

1. Mr. & Mrs. Alligator
2. Mr. & Mrs. Flamingo
3. Mr. & Mrs. Boa
4. Mr. & Mrs. Sloth

5. Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit
6. Mr. & Mrs. _________

7. Mr. & Mrs. _________

8. Mr. & Mrs. _________

9. Mr. & Mrs._________

10. Mr. & Mrs. _________

You may pick and choose any 5 of the ten couples listed, filling in your own animals or using mine.

Now aren't you glad you stopped by ?
: ) I am.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Easy time.

Complete the following sentence:

If I could somehow set in stone three memories from the past year, so that I could always remember them vividly, those memories would be:




There you go. We're all ears : )

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"One small step for man...."

Okay, the new list has been released, and your name is on it! You get to be on the next space shuttle flight!
Of course, the media is camped out in your yard to get the big interview, and here are some of their questions:

1. What are you most looking forward to about the trip?

2. What part makes you nervous?

3. You're leaving in a month, and you'll be gone for 3 weeks. Anything you'll miss at home?

4. If you get to broadcast one sentence to earth from space, what can you imagine yourself saying?

5. Do you envision any difficulties readjusting to being back home?

Well? What do you say?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

You Really Otter Join Us

Well, since all of two people remember being seven, a little memory work appears to be in order (although the same can be said for me, since my once-weekly postings have been so random lately).
That's okay, we'll do something different. Don't want to tax those over-worked memory banks for too long!

(But thanks to both of you, and if someone else suddenly remembers being 7, feel free to post on that last entry.)

How about some new poetry? (Wait, come back. You can do this.)

You might remember last year's haikus. Well, let's try cinquains this time.
Easy cheesy. Like this.

Five line poem.
Line 1: a one-word title, a noun that tells what the poem is about
Line 2: two adjectives describing the title
Line 3: three -ing action verbs
Line 4: a related phrase
Line 5: a synonym for the title
(Description from

My attempt:

Playful, babyish
Flipping, darting, gliding
Not a worry in the world

For your topic, you might choose animals, a certain friend, your favorite shirt. You name it.
Hope you'll share with us.. and feel free to write more than one.
(And by the way, if you are a home schooler and you make serious efforts on any of this site's challenges, you might ask your Mom to let you count it as part of your week's English. It's worth a shot : )

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sweet Seven

Good grief, what's it been, 6 weeks?

I'm so sorry....we had a wonderful wedding, and I guess I just took time off!
But I have a new challenge for you. Something, uh, autobiographical.

I've let it pass, but "today" was 7/7. A pretty cool date, and it is past midnight as I prepare to go to bed. I've been thinking about the number 7, specifically the AGE 7. Our little 7-year-old has had a totally unpredictable year, with LOTS of challenges. It will always be some kind of reference point in her life. But through God's compassion and protection, she is marching through a turbulent year and doing great!

So I began to wonder: Since 7 may be one of the earliest ages many of us remember clearly, can you share a memory of the year you were 7? (If not, you can try years 6 or 8.)

Is there some special day or event that stands out above what may now be a colorful blur in your mind? If so, please share it with us. It doesn't have to be exciting, only something that managed to be a memory.

And just to make it more fun, can you write your account in exactly 7 sentences? (Unless you are not much past 7 now; then I'll be happy with 7 words : )

Oh, and thanks for painting such a terrific picture, Mr. Rockwell : )

Thursday, May 22, 2008

If Only...

Now that was fun! Thanks, everyone who participated! You can still go back and add to the last post if you want.

Okay, something new. Time for an opinion poll, of sorts.
Before I give you the one question, I need to make sure you are in the right frame of mind to answer it.

If you are a student, great.
If you aren't a student, have you ever been one? Well, recall the happy-go-lucky (yeah, right) days of school. Put yourself once again in the schoolroom (or home schoolroom), long enough to answer the question (as you might have back then).
If you're reading this and you've never been a student: Hmm. How'd you manage that?

Here is the question:
If I ran the school, we'd completely do away with this subject: ___________________.
And here's why: __________________________. *

Rules :
1. It's okay to pick the same subject someone else chose. And your answer can be serious, fun, or just wishful thinking. But don't forget the "why?"

*2. And hey, let's add a twist: Whatever letter your subject starts with, you must also have a word in your reason that starts with the same letter. Here is an example:

I think I'd eliminate recess. Why? It takes too much time from our real goal of getting educated. (Sorry, I was trying to pick something no one else would. Don't believe the example for a second : )

Okay, you're on! Just be sure to raise your hand first : )

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Lists

C'mon, I know Mary isn't the only songwriter out there! But thanks, Mary.... I loved it!

Let's see, how about this week.... let's do something easy.

Take the letters of your name (first, middle, last -- you decide) and make a list of some things you like. Each entry can be one word or as many words as you want. You can list foods, activities, any combination of things (or ideas, or people) that grab your fancy or make you smile.

Shouldn't take you long, and since it's easy, maybe I'll be able to tell if we still have an audience. Besides Mary, that is : )

Here is a quick example:

B - Babies, and particularly little grandbaby David, who ALWAYS makes us smile.
L - Leisure time to just enjoy home, hearth and loved ones.
O- Open books: Bible, hymnals, fresh blank notebooks.
G- Good friends.
M- My hard-working husband.
A- All my precious family.
R- Roses, and all perky, colorful flowers.
M- Most of the items pictured above (especially the chocolate ones).

Wait! I need more letters.....(and by the way, it's completely okay to use something someone else mentioned. I don't have a monopoly on chocolate. Or babies : )

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tune Time

Thanks for all your wise nuggets of truth and fun!

And to not leave that last entry dangling, how about

...might just be too bashful to bubble?

(If that makes no sense to you, please see the last post and the creative responses it evoked.)

Okay, didn't really mean to leave that last post up for two weeks, but I got busy!
On to new horizons....

Here is a fun job for you for this week:

1. Think of a family member (if that doesn't work, think of a friend).

2. Think of something they DO that drives you slightly nuts (don't get too personal.... we don't want to embarrass anyone).

3. Write a song (a verse or two will do) of, um, appreciation : )

Here's an example:

Tim, Tim

Ring, Ring,
I call you and I call you on your cell...
It's true
That you

Are busy but I call to no avail.

Tim, Tim

Ring, Ring,

You used to see I'd called and call me back...

But now

You're successfully impossible to track!

Okay, your turn.