Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Lists

C'mon, I know Mary isn't the only songwriter out there! But thanks, Mary.... I loved it!

Let's see, how about this week.... let's do something easy.

Take the letters of your name (first, middle, last -- you decide) and make a list of some things you like. Each entry can be one word or as many words as you want. You can list foods, activities, any combination of things (or ideas, or people) that grab your fancy or make you smile.

Shouldn't take you long, and since it's easy, maybe I'll be able to tell if we still have an audience. Besides Mary, that is : )

Here is a quick example:

B - Babies, and particularly little grandbaby David, who ALWAYS makes us smile.
L - Leisure time to just enjoy home, hearth and loved ones.
O- Open books: Bible, hymnals, fresh blank notebooks.
G- Good friends.
M- My hard-working husband.
A- All my precious family.
R- Roses, and all perky, colorful flowers.
M- Most of the items pictured above (especially the chocolate ones).

Wait! I need more letters.....(and by the way, it's completely okay to use something someone else mentioned. I don't have a monopoly on chocolate. Or babies : )


Anonymous said...

Cats that snuggle me while I study.
Autumn leaves in brilliant colors.
Trees to climb and see the world from a new perspective.
Horses that God created for me to enjoy.
Easter, when our family gets to dye eggs and celebrate Christ's resurrection!
Rainbows that remind me of God's promises.
Irises that bloom in our front yard singing of their creator.
Nests with little birdie eggs and the miracle of life.
Everyone God has put in my life to love me and help me along. :)

Bethany said...

B - Brothers
E - Excitement
T - Taking pictures
H - Hot tamales (the candy)
A - April
N - Nephew David
Y - Yellow roses

Sam Toby R. said...

S-Sour skittles
M-Mystery books
U-United States
L-Licorice(the fake(red)kind)

grandear said...

H-home is a welcome retreat after this senior's busy, busy day

E-Everyone who takes precious time to say hello, in one manner or another, is a gift to me.

L-Love is never lost when shared with a loved one.

E-Ever in my prayers are my loved ones, be they family or dear friends.

N-Next, as in, " I like you next to me." A statement on my coffee cup.

L-Lest you do not already know, that refers to my groom of 60 years.

O-Oh, the blessings those years entail.

U-Until then- My heart shall go on singing. Until then, by faith, I'll carry on.Until the time God calls me home.

I-Incredious journey it continous to be.

S-Seeing babies birth, again, both the grand and the g.grands. Blessings all.

E-Exciting life, Expected excitement in the future.

Samuel TOBIAS Rauscher . said...

B-Baby nephew David
I-Igloos(never made one but want to)
A-All Bran muffins

Grace Hannah said...

G-Gomer Pyle (on DVD)
R-Riding my Bike
A-Amazing Grace (the song)
C-Cheese Sticks (String Cheese)
E-Enchanted (the movie)

Isaiah said...

I-Ice Cream (Rainbow Flavor)
S-Singing All Kinds of Songs
A-Apple Pies from McDonald's
H-Happy Candy (Fruit Smiles from

Elisa said...

E - English Tea, with plenty of cream and sugar. and Ethan!
L - Love, from my family and friends.
I - Ice Cream Trucks on a hot summer day
S - Summertime!
A - Autumn - the colors, the smells, the cooking, everything!

M - Movie Nights
A - Attending Tea Parties
R - Reading on a Rainy Day
Y - Yellow Daffodils

The Bowes Family said...

K - Kin (parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.)
Y - Years of happiness with my family
L - Living a life for the Lord
E - Every new day

J - Joy!
O - Oh, I can't forget my dog, Dan
S - Summer days on the beach
I - I enjoy snowfalls in winter, too!
A - All sorts of candy
H - Having Christ in my life

B - Baseball
O - On a winning baseball team this year
W - Wonderful sisters
E - Every bro I have
S - Snakes! (Either the slithery kind or the Diamondbacks, my favorite professional baseball team!)


V - Violin teacher
A - Anna, my Australian shepherd
L - Loving grandparents
E- Each of my sisters and brothers
R - Riding the lawn mower
I - Irresistable monkey bread
E - Every new morning as I listen to the birds chirping happily

H - How my Lord love me!
O - Overlooking Swofford Pond
P - Practicing hospitality, especially baking:)
E - Either snowy or sunny days

B - Both my absolutely wonderful parents
O - Oh, my cutie-patootie baby brothers!
W - Wonderful smelling candles
E - Encouraging church family
S - Sweet friends

Abby said...

A-apple pie
B-baby David

R-reading the Bible
A-amazing grace of God
U-Understanding that I am a daughter of the King of the universe
S-scrabble w/ Josh
C-church family
H-hanging out with my husband
E-ending my job to stay home with David
R-raisins in my oatmeal and in my salad

Bethany said...

B - Being with family
R - Reading books
O - Outdoors
O - Oatmeal raisin cookies
K - Knitting
E - Eating cookie dough

Ben said...

B - Blueberrie syrup on pancakes at IHOP
E - Eggs, scrambled with ketchup
N - nevermind

R - Ritardandos
A - Apple pie from McEdee's
U - Uletide (not sp)
S - snips and snails and puppy dog tails
C - Coffee...when it's gone
H - Horton Hears a Who
E - Enchanted was pretty good
R - Raisin Nut Bran

Ben said...

wow, that's not how you spell blueberry, is it?

Lydia said...

L - Listening to music
Y - Yummy fruits of any sort
D - Doing writing assignments, particularly poems
I - Indescribable Lord Jesus
A - All lambs and sheep of most breeds

G - Gardens of flowers
R - Reading any book, especially historical fiction
A - All my loving family and friends
C - Caroline, Valerie, Victoria, all my sisters
E - Every brother, Kyle, Timothy and Joseph!

Caroline said...

C - Candy, my very favorite treat
A - All of my fluffy goats
R - Rambunctious little brothers
O - Occassionally, we go to the beach which is so fun!
L - "Limey Lou", one of our little black lab puppies
I - In the springtime, I love going to the Youth Fair
N - New songs to learn and play on the piano
E - Especially Angel, our guardian llama

J - Jesus, is, of course, my most favorite
O - Oh, I love my wonderful parents
Y - Yes, I do love the warm summertime

B- Beautiful flowers
O - Oh, I do love my sisters and brothers
W - Well, I love ice-cream, especially cookies-n-cream
E - Easter, because it is a wonderful reminder of what Christ did for us
S - Sunshine is the best

Victoria said...

V - Violins
I - Irresistable smell of muffins baking in the oven
C - Caring and loving sisters, brothers and parents
T - The Bible
O - Our llama, Angel, guardian of the pasture
R - Really enjoy baking
I - Igloos that we make in the wintertime
A - Animals of all sorts

F- Family and friends
A- All or our dogs
I - In the early morning, going fishing with Daddy
T - The sound of horses hooves on pavement
H - Horses of any color and kind

B- Beautiful birds chirping in the trees
O - Opening gifts on our birthday and on Christmas
W - Water fights in the summertime
E - Everything about my Lord
S- Sunshine, my goat

Robyn said...

(Oops, sorry it's so long . . . once I got started, it was hard not to get carried away! ;)

M - Many laughing children
O - Oh! The smell of baked bread or goodies in the oven
M - My dear husband's sense of humor
M - My three-year-old singing in the bathroom
Y - Yearly fun of enjoying the season at Thanksgiving and Christmastime and all the sweet memories made

O - Ocean sounds, sights, and smells
R - Really fragrant things, like soaps, candles, and flowers

M - Mothers and fathers
R - Rainbows
S - Smell of freshly bathed babies

R - Rain, smells and sounds
O - Overseeing a busy household
B- Beautiful Savior
Y - Yummy chocolate
N - Newborn cuddles

B - Beauty all around our home
O - Oh! The sounds and sights of hummingbirds
W- Wonderful love of family
E- Everything about the fall season
S - Smell and sound of campfires or fires in fireplaces

Grandpa said...

M-Momma Bowes whose chocolate loving is second only to MELVIN ZWICK
E-Every word Grandpa’s Grandkids write
L-Lots of all color M and Ms
V-Valerie and Victoria
I-Imothy What the heck I, MELVIN ZWICK, do not have a “T” in my name
N-Never running out of stories for MELVN ZWICK to tell

A-And Computer expert Daddy
W-Whole bunches of Chocolate covered Strawberries.
A-All of Grandpa’s daughters and Grandkids
Y-Yummy Green corn tamale, Baja style
S-Slushy root bear floats so thick you have to eat with a spoon

G-Goseph, What the keck I, MELVIN ZWICK, do not have a “J” in my name
O-Oodles of chocolate with almonds
O-Oodles of praline and cream ice cream
F-Furry kitties
E-ESCAPE Crew, Every Sheep Can Always Plan Escapes
Y-Yummy German Chocolate cake

Z- Zeal of Grandpa’s family
W-White and Black kitties
I-Ice cold Crystal Lite drink in the summer time

Ben said...

Bethany you like Hot Tamales??

Sam Toby R. said...

Ben you don't like Hot Tamales??

Caitlin said...

Chocolate and Cheesecake
Apple pie
Interesting school books
The whole family together at one time
Little babies
Ice cream bars
Naps that don't make me grumpy

Ben said...

no not really, I am a Mike&Ike guy myself

Bethany said...

Tsk, tsk...