Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome Back, Old Friend

It has been brought to my attention that it has been over a year since I've posted a writing challenge.... Hmm. What is my excuse? Well, I can think of at least a couple, but the most important one is lack of response : ( You guys got too busy!

So, knowing that after a year the audience may have changed slightly (for example, we have some new readers and writers!), I have decided to try again. Here's what I won't do: go back over all the old posts and make sure I haven't used an idea before. We'll probably use them again, and that's fine. They were fun. In fact, maybe I WILL go back over them, for ideas : )

I am particularly eager to give a writing outlet to our little ones, and a place where they can interact since they are too young for Facebook! However, this forum is open to all, whether you are 6 or 60, home schooled, in college, a mom, a dad, a toddler, a drop-out. Or other. Now you have to fit ONE of those categories, so you are welcome here. [You don't have to be old enough to write. You can dictate.] I suppose it goes without saying that all entries MUST be, in my opinion, in good taste. If they're not, I'll delete them. Sorry. You get to be the Boss of your own blog.

In the past, I have loved the mix of ages and perspectives. Please feel free to share this site with others. The subjects / assignments will generally be updated weekly, or approximately so. So here's our re-launch!

To welcome back our old friend October, we will have
TWO poetry assignments. The first will be today; the
second will be next Wednesday. Today's must follow
these rules:

1. It must be a tribute to October (or anything October brings),
a thankful hymn for it, or a verse describing it.

2. It can rhyme -- or not.

3. It must mention or refer to a color (such as red, or blushing...
it doesn't have to be the name of a crayon).

4. Funny, serious, sad, whatever.

5. It can mention October (or not).

6. It can be anywhere from 2 to 8 lines.

7. You can write as many poems as you want.

(Make each a separate entry --you make an entry by commenting).

Okay, ready? Go!