Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sweet Seven

Good grief, what's it been, 6 weeks?

I'm so sorry....we had a wonderful wedding, and I guess I just took time off!
But I have a new challenge for you. Something, uh, autobiographical.

I've let it pass, but "today" was 7/7. A pretty cool date, and it is past midnight as I prepare to go to bed. I've been thinking about the number 7, specifically the AGE 7. Our little 7-year-old has had a totally unpredictable year, with LOTS of challenges. It will always be some kind of reference point in her life. But through God's compassion and protection, she is marching through a turbulent year and doing great!

So I began to wonder: Since 7 may be one of the earliest ages many of us remember clearly, can you share a memory of the year you were 7? (If not, you can try years 6 or 8.)

Is there some special day or event that stands out above what may now be a colorful blur in your mind? If so, please share it with us. It doesn't have to be exciting, only something that managed to be a memory.

And just to make it more fun, can you write your account in exactly 7 sentences? (Unless you are not much past 7 now; then I'll be happy with 7 words : )

Oh, and thanks for painting such a terrific picture, Mr. Rockwell : )


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Anonymous said...

I remember my seventh birthday party. Or maybe it was my eighth. Eleanor was giving my friends and I pony rides. Natalie, Caitlin and I were on Bambi, but someone had done the girth wrong. When we went to get off, the saddle slipped. Luckily, we were safely caught and set down again. :)
-Catherine W-