Thursday, March 20, 2008

All Together Now: A Rainbow?

Not a very politically ambitious lot, are you? Looks like Catherine is elected, or at least she wins the Just Write Nomination! Congratulations! If any of you still want to try your hand at a speech, go back to that post and go for it.

For this assignment, get out your trusty box of Crayolas (at least mentally). I'd love to see you give us a word picture.

Here is your assignment: Complete this sentence, and if you wish, make it into a paragraph:

The ___________est thing I know is _________________.

In the first blank, you must insert a COLOR. In the second blank, insert whatever it takes to complete the thought.

It can be any number of words, sentences or paragraphs, but draw us a word picture.
Be creative, be vivid, make us see it. I'd give an example, but I don't want to steal your color. However, you may certainly use a color someone else has used, and you may put as many responses as you like.

I'm looking forward to reading your brilliant observations.... wait, I need to go get my sunglasses first.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just a Little Invitation ... To A Pretty Big House

Well, I guess it had to happen.
Someone has complained.
Too cutesy, these last few challenges.
That's what he said (he knows who he is : )
in defense of his lack of participation.

So this one won't be, uh, cutesy.
No babies, no puppies.

So, let's say you are running for President (yep, back to the election).

Just this time, let's say they are letting the age requirement (or maybe born in the U.S.A. requirement) slide. Also the near-requirement of being rich enough to buy support. So you are running.

Let's hear your first speech.
If elected, I will do all I can to.....

Complete that thought, with 5 to 10 resolutions of your own.
It can be serious-as-a-heart-attack, tongue-in-cheek, utterly ridiculous, or a combination. You may list your commitments and stop, or you may compose a speech that would make the history books as proud as they are of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

You might choose to address real, major national issues -- or more fun ones that affect regular people in their daily lives.

And you don't have to think about it forever, unless you are really going for the work of art. Just put something down. Don't even give writer's block a chance!

Okay, why should we vote for you?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's A Baby's Life

Thanks to all the pets who visited us and gave us the low-down on their owners! C'mon, people, can you give your furry (or feathered) friends a break ? : )

I felt a little like I was discriminating on that challenge - against the petless. So I figure, everyone knows (or has known) a baby!

Tell us this. What appears to you to be the BEST thing about being a baby? Or if you could change places with one for just part of a day, what part would it be? How does a little one seem to have it made in the shade?

Waiting to hear.....

And hey, if you've never tried your hand at one of our challenges - or if it's been a while - we'd love to have you start this week! Just click on "Pencil Scratches, " then click on "Name / URL" and put your name in the name box. (You can leave the URL box blank if you want.) Or else you can select anonymous if that seems easier, and just type your name in the same box as your comment. There's a big box for you to put your comment in, then click on publish (or preview first if you want).

Oh, and thanks to Anne Geddes for the baby picture. I'm afraid I didn't ask her permission, but I at least want to give her credit.