Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tickets to Dreamland

Okay, there's this IMAGINARY (sorry) mini-essay contest.

Rules are:
In ten sentences or less, you are to tell the three places in the WORLD you'd love to visit - and WHY - or WHAT you'd love to do or see there . . . . and if you win, VOILA! -- "they" will hand you the airplane tickets (for yourself and ten or twenty others that you'd like to bring).

You'll get to stay at each location for a week, and "they" will also provide travel money to cover meals, lodging and souvenirs! So, what would you say in your (hopefully winning) short essay?

(If I find out who "they" are, I'll let you know!)

Sweet Dreams. . .

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer and Winter, and Springtime and Harvest...

Today as I stood in the yard, with my back to a rather rare and rambunctious wind, I found myself bewildered. Were the clouds trying to rain? If so, I never saw a drop. Was it just time to usher in the fall? (The leaves were definitely getting busy ....) I'd forgotten there was a hurricane - Gabrielle, I believe - coming in somewhere.

But the thoughts of fall and its impending arrival have made me think. And now I want to make you think.

Tell us: What is your favorite season? And why?
And just for fun, use exactly twenty-eight words.

Waiting to hear!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Making Every Dollar (I Mean Word) Count

I remember teachers in school who were big on expensive words.

They'd say things like, "Why use a ten cent word, when you can use a five dollar word? " Meaning, make it visual, make your writing come to life, liven it up!

For example, which of these sentences is more fun?

(a) They danced all night.


(b) The lively young couple, lost in the thrill of newfound love, frolicked and bounded all over the busy, dusty barn floor until the sun peeped through the little rough-cut windows, when they collapsed in laughter on the perimeter of golden hay.

(Silly, I know. I don't spend much time on these, but you get the idea.)

So.... ready? I will give you one measly boring sentence (like "a" above), and you turn it into a "b." You can go many directions with this, so I am only giving out one "a" and hoping to receive a a lot of "b's" for it. You are only limited by your imagination (and your very good taste).

(a) The bird went away.

Okay, "b's," anyone?