Thursday, May 22, 2008

If Only...

Now that was fun! Thanks, everyone who participated! You can still go back and add to the last post if you want.

Okay, something new. Time for an opinion poll, of sorts.
Before I give you the one question, I need to make sure you are in the right frame of mind to answer it.

If you are a student, great.
If you aren't a student, have you ever been one? Well, recall the happy-go-lucky (yeah, right) days of school. Put yourself once again in the schoolroom (or home schoolroom), long enough to answer the question (as you might have back then).
If you're reading this and you've never been a student: Hmm. How'd you manage that?

Here is the question:
If I ran the school, we'd completely do away with this subject: ___________________.
And here's why: __________________________. *

Rules :
1. It's okay to pick the same subject someone else chose. And your answer can be serious, fun, or just wishful thinking. But don't forget the "why?"

*2. And hey, let's add a twist: Whatever letter your subject starts with, you must also have a word in your reason that starts with the same letter. Here is an example:

I think I'd eliminate recess. Why? It takes too much time from our real goal of getting educated. (Sorry, I was trying to pick something no one else would. Don't believe the example for a second : )

Okay, you're on! Just be sure to raise your hand first : )

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Lists

C'mon, I know Mary isn't the only songwriter out there! But thanks, Mary.... I loved it!

Let's see, how about this week.... let's do something easy.

Take the letters of your name (first, middle, last -- you decide) and make a list of some things you like. Each entry can be one word or as many words as you want. You can list foods, activities, any combination of things (or ideas, or people) that grab your fancy or make you smile.

Shouldn't take you long, and since it's easy, maybe I'll be able to tell if we still have an audience. Besides Mary, that is : )

Here is a quick example:

B - Babies, and particularly little grandbaby David, who ALWAYS makes us smile.
L - Leisure time to just enjoy home, hearth and loved ones.
O- Open books: Bible, hymnals, fresh blank notebooks.
G- Good friends.
M- My hard-working husband.
A- All my precious family.
R- Roses, and all perky, colorful flowers.
M- Most of the items pictured above (especially the chocolate ones).

Wait! I need more letters.....(and by the way, it's completely okay to use something someone else mentioned. I don't have a monopoly on chocolate. Or babies : )

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tune Time

Thanks for all your wise nuggets of truth and fun!

And to not leave that last entry dangling, how about

...might just be too bashful to bubble?

(If that makes no sense to you, please see the last post and the creative responses it evoked.)

Okay, didn't really mean to leave that last post up for two weeks, but I got busy!
On to new horizons....

Here is a fun job for you for this week:

1. Think of a family member (if that doesn't work, think of a friend).

2. Think of something they DO that drives you slightly nuts (don't get too personal.... we don't want to embarrass anyone).

3. Write a song (a verse or two will do) of, um, appreciation : )

Here's an example:

Tim, Tim

Ring, Ring,
I call you and I call you on your cell...
It's true
That you

Are busy but I call to no avail.

Tim, Tim

Ring, Ring,

You used to see I'd called and call me back...

But now

You're successfully impossible to track!

Okay, your turn.