Monday, August 18, 2008


Easy time.

Complete the following sentence:

If I could somehow set in stone three memories from the past year, so that I could always remember them vividly, those memories would be:




There you go. We're all ears : )


The Blog Marm said...

(I am making everyone at my place do theirs without seeing anyone else's, because we know we'll all write the same things anyway, so this way we'll at least write them differently!)
Also, I failed at narrowing it to 3. So I'm making a rule amendment: if I get to do more, then so do you.

1. David's sweet self, first time.
2. My parents at their 60th Anniversary Party, as good-looking and as much in love as ever.
3. Tim and Cassandra, standing out amid a sea of color in their timeless creamy attire, vowing love, for life.
4. David again, last time I saw him, in dimples and a one-of-a-kind t-shirt designed by his Mommy.

Caitlin said...

1. Getting to meet my adorable nephew David this past October.

2. The beautiful outdoor wedding of Timandra.

3. Seeing David's new shirt. :-)

The Blog Marm said...

See? Great minds think alike.

Snamuel said...

1.Cleaning the storage room.
2.The dead mouse.
3.The noise putty.

The Blog Marm said...

(Haha. So that one didn't get the message, read ours first & decided to choose different things than we did. Funny.)

Anonymous said...

1. Going to a tea at the Austin's

2. Putting on the Little Women Play

3. Hannah's sleepover

-Catherine W-

Ben said...

Tim's wedding.
David's general existence lately.
Um...ok, I'm not going to look at anyone else's...Seeing the band Bombadil.

sfyfhtftgdtgdchvchgafhfhynhvhrm said...

What's the band Bombadil?

Ben said...

they are a band from Raleigh, I think...they play guitar, pan pipes, xylophone, and piano, and they switch around on each other's instruments. They have fun music.