Monday, January 28, 2008

Eleven Score and Twelve Years Ago, Our Forefathers.....

Okay, a challenge for the history buffs (well, that leaves me out).

It's getting close to election time (in case you hadn't noticed), and you can't really get through a day without hearing about it. Maybe you have already chosen your perfect candidate (or your he-or-she-will-be-better-than-the-other-choices candidate). Or maybe not. So here is your chance to make your choice easier.

If you could bring back one great leader or thinker (political or otherwise) from the past to run for President (or maybe it's someone present-day who just isn't running), who would it be?
Don't feel like you have to dissect or research it to death. I am completely happy with your gut feeling or quick thought on this. And you really don't have to be a history expert at all. Who? And, if you want to add why, go right ahead.

As always, this challenge is open to kids, parents, grandparents and anyone else who wants to join in!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Live and Learn

(Thanks for the poem, Catherine : )

Okay, here's an easier one, guys.

Rack your brains (just a little, you don't have to write any poetry today) and tell us about a purchase you made that you'd love to go back and undo. In other words, WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU BUY IT???

I could probably tell you about at least one per week, but if you can, take one from the past year. Or if you need to, you can use any year at all. Just tell us about it.....
It can be a car, a pair of boots, or maybe a candy bar. You name it.

And if you want, you can tell us what you'd do with that money if you - sigh - had it back.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rhyme Time

I love the cartoon characters! I have a plan for another challenge later on.
But for now..... It's poetry time again.

This time, I want you to come up with a few lines of poetry with an AABB rhyme scheme. This means that every pair of lines rhyme. The twist is that the first letters will spell either your subject or something connected to your poem. I'll compose a couple of quick examples (remember I am not spending much time on these and don't expect you to either : )

Fins fanning with grace and poise
In a wet world that has no noise.

Swimming your way, and going where?

Happy in your tank, with scarcely a care.

Happily sipping from my cup

Only till my drink's used up.

The smooth concoction slips right down

Canceling many a worry and frown.
O happy remedy for winter's chill
Comforting cold bones with a toasty thrill!

Outside I can dream of the warmth that I'll find

As I take off my mittens and leave winter behind!

You can do this! Have fun!