Sunday, July 27, 2008

You Really Otter Join Us

Well, since all of two people remember being seven, a little memory work appears to be in order (although the same can be said for me, since my once-weekly postings have been so random lately).
That's okay, we'll do something different. Don't want to tax those over-worked memory banks for too long!

(But thanks to both of you, and if someone else suddenly remembers being 7, feel free to post on that last entry.)

How about some new poetry? (Wait, come back. You can do this.)

You might remember last year's haikus. Well, let's try cinquains this time.
Easy cheesy. Like this.

Five line poem.
Line 1: a one-word title, a noun that tells what the poem is about
Line 2: two adjectives describing the title
Line 3: three -ing action verbs
Line 4: a related phrase
Line 5: a synonym for the title
(Description from

My attempt:

Playful, babyish
Flipping, darting, gliding
Not a worry in the world

For your topic, you might choose animals, a certain friend, your favorite shirt. You name it.
Hope you'll share with us.. and feel free to write more than one.
(And by the way, if you are a home schooler and you make serious efforts on any of this site's challenges, you might ask your Mom to let you count it as part of your week's English. It's worth a shot : )


Mary said...

crunchy, salty
brown, roasted, yummy
my pantry is full of them

Anonymous said...

Oak trees
Massive, gnarled
Spreading, shading, sheltering
Perfect for picnicking under

-Catherine W-

Ben said...

Baby snot (when they're sick)
Gooey, green-tinted
Flowing, oozing, shooting out
Like a biological warfare cannon
Nuclear mucous

...I had nursery last Sunday so I was inspired.

The Blog Marm said...

Uh, thanks, Ben. Yep, you are very visual. And very vivid.
Thanks for sharing : )