Sunday, August 26, 2007

On The Wild Slide

Guess what? We had a really fun day at Emerald Pointe yesterday.

Let's suppose you've just gotten a letter from the powers-that-be at Emerald Pointe Wet & Wild, and they (having heard about your great imagination and intelligence) have requested that you design and develop a new ride, slide or attraction for their already cool water park. They need for you to put your idea into words and mail it back to them right away. (You also might wish to draw a sketch or two, for your personal files, to help you visualize your new masterpiece.)

So tell us, what will we all be lining up for next year??

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Inspired to Admire

Okay, you can put your cute pets away..... that was fun!

New assignment: Write about someone you admire. Tell us who, and why.

: (Please read carefully!)

1. It cannot be your mom or dad. Hopefully you do admire them, but maybe you can do that one privately sometime and give it to your parent(s) if you wish. Or save it and write a book about them when you're grown (if you ever have the time to spare :)

2. It can be anyone else, present day, past, someone you know, someone you wish you knew, someone real (not fictional).

3. It can be as many sentences as you want, but it must be 31 words. Nope, not "at least 31." Or "no more than 31." THIRTY- ONE. Exactly. ( Why 31? Because challenges are fun!)

4. If you can't narrow it down to one person, you can do as many entries as you want. 31 words. Each.
Go for it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tour of the New Zoo

Okay, let's do something fun for the younger set. Your assignment today (old or young) is to make up an animal. Maybe he or she would be your perfect pet - or your perfect game to hunt! Whichever, describe it to us. Would it be a reptile, a fish, or a new class of animal altogether? Fur or scales? Color? Spots? SIZE? or size?

What kind of sound would it make, or how many teeth would it have?
How many legs, wings or trunks? What would it eat? Would it be cuddly, or ferocious? (And if you had one for a pet, what would you name it? What games would you play with it?) Would it make a helpful contribution to the world, or to your life?

You don't have to answer all these questions; just help us get to know your fictional creature.