Monday, September 15, 2008

Your Calendar Just Got Full

Yep, election time is approaching fast.

So in order to REALLY get to know the candidates, let's say you are given the opportunity to visit on
  • Monday with Obama
  • Tuesday with McCain
  • Wednesday with Biden
  • Thursday with Palin
  • Friday with Ron Paul
and do the following things to find out who they really are:

1. Play any table game / board game, or outdoor sport (your choice) with each candidate. Which game, and why?

2. Take him or her out to any restaurant you choose, for small talk. Which one, and why?

3. Ask the candidate one hypothetical question, such as "If you were in office and...."

4. Ask the candidate the following question: "What is your favorite....? "

5. Ask one completely random question, your choice.

6. Take the candidate to a national landmark, where you can take it in together, and where you can have a picture made with the candidate. Which landmark?

7. And just for fun, What would you wear??

It will be simpler if you answer each question
the same for each candidate/ day of the week. You can wash your outfit each night : )
But if you want to tailor each day differently, feel free.


The Blog Marm said...

Okay, this question is obviously so long that you feel intimidated.
So I decided to go first and spent quite a long time today answering each of these questions, only TO LOSE IT. I was not happy.
I am going to TRY to remember the answers again...

1. Chess. Just sounds like something these guys should know. I'll have to really study up to be able to play it with them, though. I never quite got the hang of it (which is okay since I am not a candidate).

2. Toreros. Of course. And most of you know why. I'll take any excuse to go there.

3. For Governor Palin: If you were in office and all the kids needed you at once and the baby had an ear infection and wanted to be held right in the middle of back-to-back state meetings, what would you do? (Actually I have a feeling she'll be able to handle it quite well.)
And then, to make things fair, for the others (at least if they have a young family): How will your wife handle such a day while also managing the probably-totally- full-time job of first or second lady?

4. What is your favorite... Well, how about who are your two most admired historical or living individuals? That should give me some insight.

5. For at least some of them: Is that a wig? (Okay, I wouldn't really, but maybe I'd wonder...)

6. How about the Lincoln Memorial? It's one of the few I've seen up close and personal, and it's pretty compelling. You just don't go there and take our country lightly.

7. Something new. That's all I know.

I never claimed to be very political, but there's 2 cents from me.

snappy said...

C'mon people!

snappy said...

September 15!!!!!!!!