Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Rhymin' Time Again...

Poets?? POETS !!
Where'd you go?
It's time for another poem...

Please use these guidelines as you fashion your lovely verse:

2 stanzas, 4 lines each. That means 8 lines.
Rhyme scheme:



Which only means that, in each part, the first & third line rhyme, and the second and fourth lines rhyme.
And write it about someone. It can be about the Lord, or it can be about your mom or your
brother or, okay, a pet.
It can be mushy-sweet, tearfully sad, or burst-out-laughing-funny. Or it can be cute. You decide. You can give it a title. Or not. You can make it like a letter to someone, or a
description of someone.
Just make it yours. Okay, wow me!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Help Me Write a Rainbow

I love to read the things you write!

Okay, let's try something new. This will take some courage, so if you are a shy writer, YOU CAN DO THIS.
I want you to brush off your palette of great words, and paint me a word picture - of a color.
But don't say the color. At least don't say its common name. Just make us see that color, and just maybe you can give us a hint or two, to make that color come to mind.

For example, I'll draw you a picture of a less basic color, just so you know what I mean:

Stranded on the desert island, they found an old, still-corked bottle of vintage which had washed up just after them. It was wrapped in Victorian Christmas ribbons, which they ripped off, pouring out its contents to write an impassioned SOS in the white sand.

Okay, that wasn't a work of art, and it isn't too chock-full of examples, but what color did it make you think of? There were two or three pictures I tried to draw of the color (you'll think of more with primary colors), and one play on words. You can use other words for your color, instead of its well-known name. Just try not to be too obvious. Make us work a little, or at least make yourself work to paint us a picture.

Before you begin, see who can guess my color. Then we'll guess each other's colors (if that works..... we'll see : )

Hint: there may be more than one name for this color, but only one is the answer and fits the two examples and the play on words.

So try it! Guess mine, and then try your hand at painting with words.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

From A to Z,.... From Z to A ,.....Original's the Only Way : )

Those of you who know what a typewriter is probably remember typing, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." I knew that it was a sentence using all letters of the alphabet, but I just learned that it is a
pangram, which is: a phrase using all the letters of the alphabet.

So, got any more? Can you write a pangram? I'd prefer that you make it a complete sentence, but just make sure it is a pangram, and that you make it up. (Don't just go searching for them on the computer. We want ORIGINAL here.)

Have fun.
(And the uniforms were pretty cute. Maybe we should plan a fashion show and model them.)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Plaid Pleated Skirts?

Thanks, everyone (whose name is Catherine :)
Good job!
Okay, guys, it's like pulling teeth with some of you! Well, maybe this week's assignment will be more your .....ah .... style.
Which is exactly the week's topic. Style.
Imagine, if you will, that you pick up your newspaper tomorrow morning and see the following news article:


A new law has been passed that all home schoolers must now wear uniforms.
Each home school may have its own attire (or even one for each day of the week, or
seasonal uniforms). The uniforms may be chosen or designed by anyone who attends
the school or teaches there.

Well? Consider yourself chosen. What'll it be for your school? (And if you've already graduated, what would you have chosen when you were still home schooling ?) What uniform(s) would you choose or design for your beloved school?