Monday, September 15, 2008

Your Calendar Just Got Full

Yep, election time is approaching fast.

So in order to REALLY get to know the candidates, let's say you are given the opportunity to visit on
  • Monday with Obama
  • Tuesday with McCain
  • Wednesday with Biden
  • Thursday with Palin
  • Friday with Ron Paul
and do the following things to find out who they really are:

1. Play any table game / board game, or outdoor sport (your choice) with each candidate. Which game, and why?

2. Take him or her out to any restaurant you choose, for small talk. Which one, and why?

3. Ask the candidate one hypothetical question, such as "If you were in office and...."

4. Ask the candidate the following question: "What is your favorite....? "

5. Ask one completely random question, your choice.

6. Take the candidate to a national landmark, where you can take it in together, and where you can have a picture made with the candidate. Which landmark?

7. And just for fun, What would you wear??

It will be simpler if you answer each question
the same for each candidate/ day of the week. You can wash your outfit each night : )
But if you want to tailor each day differently, feel free.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Noah Buncha Good Names?

As you've probably noticed (if you've been around this blog for a while), there is a good bit of variety to the challenges I post. This is, of course, intentional. A few of you love a good writing challenge, even if it means devoting 5 or 10 minutes (or even more) to it. Others see the serious assignment as just that -- an assignment, thanks but no thanks.

So I try to strike a balance. Some more -- shall we say -- strenuous exercises, for those of you who came over for a good stretch.... and some quick and painless toe-touches for the rest of you.

Today, once again, you get off easy. You won't even have to break a sweat.

Today's focus is not so much on your organizational ability, your lovely framing of ideas or events, or your ability to rhyme or even to remember. Today you get to show (yourself) that you can succinctly sum up (or name) a mental image. Or ten.

Sound daunting? Nah.

Here it is:

Pretend for a moment you are Noah (this can be a first century Noah, or a present day Noah).
Or Mrs. Noah. But here is your task:
To keep the animals straight (and to pass a lot of ark time), you've decided to name some of the animals. Thinking of them as pets make this job a little less arduous, especially around Day 39 of closed doors.

So, what (pet) names would you give the following list of critters? (Each couple needs 2 names, like Fred & Ethel.)

1. Mr. & Mrs. Alligator
2. Mr. & Mrs. Flamingo
3. Mr. & Mrs. Boa
4. Mr. & Mrs. Sloth

5. Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit
6. Mr. & Mrs. _________

7. Mr. & Mrs. _________

8. Mr. & Mrs. _________

9. Mr. & Mrs._________

10. Mr. & Mrs. _________

You may pick and choose any 5 of the ten couples listed, filling in your own animals or using mine.

Now aren't you glad you stopped by ?
: ) I am.