Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Your First Challenge

Here it is - your first challenge. A very easy one, so I don't scare you off. Let's all work together on this. (You can enter more than one response, but be sure to sign at least your first name or to somehow identify yourself. I'm assuming you have a parent's okay to do this anyway, so if you have a concern about giving your name, ask your mom or dad.)

Enter the longest word you can think of, in which the letters are in alphabetical order. No fair just combing through the dictionary.... you have to think. If you already have a word in mind, you can check for spelling. Everyone enter something; it doesn't have to be the longest one entered so far.... write one down even if it isn't as long as the last guy's. If you are only 6, feel free to write something like "at." (And because this is a multi-age, multi-level forum, if an assignment, including this one, is too hard for you to understand or to complete on your own, it's fine to enlist some help.) But let's see how many words we end up with, and what the longest word is......

Welcome to Just Write !

Of course, you're thinking. Just what I need, another blog to check on. It's not like I don't have enough distractions.....

Well, take heart. You are welcome to drop in and out as you please. But here's what I (The Blog Marm) hope will happen: You'll enjoy stopping in occasionally for a light-hearted challenge.

Yep, challenge.

Each week you'll be given a new writing mini-adventure. You'll be asked to write a small composition, poem or maybe just one or two words, as assigned. Don't groan, it'll be fun. Just click on comments, and instead of commenting, post your work. Each challenge will be something that you can do without taking much time, without sweating or suffering, and without fear of being graded. I hope that you will simply enjoy the fun of writing something in response to each challenge. Just please be sure to identify yourself on your entry. You might need to do that in the body of the "comment" so we know who you are.

Some questions that might be on your mind:
How old do I have to be? Not an issue. Go for it.

Did my mom put you up to this? Nope, not unless your last name is Rauscher.

So check in and see what you get to write this week. (Bonus: You get to read what everyone else writes, too!)