Thursday, May 22, 2008

If Only...

Now that was fun! Thanks, everyone who participated! You can still go back and add to the last post if you want.

Okay, something new. Time for an opinion poll, of sorts.
Before I give you the one question, I need to make sure you are in the right frame of mind to answer it.

If you are a student, great.
If you aren't a student, have you ever been one? Well, recall the happy-go-lucky (yeah, right) days of school. Put yourself once again in the schoolroom (or home schoolroom), long enough to answer the question (as you might have back then).
If you're reading this and you've never been a student: Hmm. How'd you manage that?

Here is the question:
If I ran the school, we'd completely do away with this subject: ___________________.
And here's why: __________________________. *

Rules :
1. It's okay to pick the same subject someone else chose. And your answer can be serious, fun, or just wishful thinking. But don't forget the "why?"

*2. And hey, let's add a twist: Whatever letter your subject starts with, you must also have a word in your reason that starts with the same letter. Here is an example:

I think I'd eliminate recess. Why? It takes too much time from our real goal of getting educated. (Sorry, I was trying to pick something no one else would. Don't believe the example for a second : )

Okay, you're on! Just be sure to raise your hand first : )


Grandpa said...

I would eliminate English from college curriculum. Why you ask? Because my endeavor to obtain an Engineering degree was almost ended with my English class. But now, with the elapse of time, my elderly ego has encouraged me to write goofy stories for my Grandkids under the eminent pen name of Melvin Zwick. Now when grammar is bad he gets blamed.

Anonymous said...

I would get rid of algebra because we absolutely never use it and it's awful.
-Catherine W-

Ben said...

I would get rid of social civics, because no one really knows what it is anyway and they might not even notice it was gone - that would be so cool.

Robyn said...

I would have to do away with Spanish class. Since I have absolutely no natural aptitude for learning a second language at age 16, this subject seemed impossible to me.

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