Thursday, August 7, 2008

"One small step for man...."

Okay, the new list has been released, and your name is on it! You get to be on the next space shuttle flight!
Of course, the media is camped out in your yard to get the big interview, and here are some of their questions:

1. What are you most looking forward to about the trip?

2. What part makes you nervous?

3. You're leaving in a month, and you'll be gone for 3 weeks. Anything you'll miss at home?

4. If you get to broadcast one sentence to earth from space, what can you imagine yourself saying?

5. Do you envision any difficulties readjusting to being back home?

Well? What do you say?


Ben said...

1. Astronaut ice cream
2. Being inches from certain death
3. family and friends
4. I'd rather be somewhere beautiful than somewhere safe
5. Learning to live again

Caitlin said...

1. Space! Just being able to see the stars and the planets up close.

2. The takeoff and the landing. I hope they both go smoothly.

3. Gravity. It'll be pretty cool to be weightless at first, but I'll probably get a little tired of it after a while. Oh yeah, and my family and friends, of course.

4. "Guess what, Mom, I walked on the moon today!"

5. I'll probably have trouble going back to everyday life after living in space for three weeks. And after seeing how enormous the solar system is, I might feel kind of confined on earth. But I'll still be happy to be home!

Isaiah, Age 5 said...

1. Flying over there.
2. Just missing home. ("Can you guys come?" he says with a worried look.)
3. My toys and stuff.
4. "Hi everybody, how are you doing?"
5. Not a bit.

Grace Hannah, Age 7 said...

1. When you go down, you go into a parachute.

2. When I'm in the rocket about to go into the parachute, I might feel like I'm about to fall out of the rocket.

3. My family and my lovely pets.

4. Tell them about God.

5. *shakes head no*

Samuel Tobias Rauscher, Age 13 said...

1.flying on the Moon (and craters).
2.falling off the moon
3.I'll be missing Abby and Ben And Grace and Isaiah's B-day and Grandparents Day.
4.Ha,Ha!I get to play fly-tag on the moon!

The Blog Marm said...

Ben, I love that you remember astronaut ice cream (I'd forgotten all about it).
And the interaction with Isaiah about going to space was pretty memorable. Little sweetie.

Anonymous said...

1. The chance to see God's most magnificent part of creation up close.

2. The fact that if anything goes slightly wrong on the trip, my life and the lives of others could be endangered.

3. My bed, my horses, and my family and friends.

4. "God's creation is astounding..."

5. Probably. I imagine everyone would want to ask me questions about my trip and it would be hard to readjust to my old routine.

-Catherine W-

The Blog Marm said...

Just a few fun answers:

1. Not having to pay for the gas!
2. Am I gonna be sleeping in the same room with a bunch of men? Can I bring a little pop-up room divider?
3. Well, probably not washing dishes.
Or doing the laundry.
4. "Please, y'all, don't forget to check G's sugar!"
5. Well, I'll probably be sadly reminded that I need to lose weight, after three weeks of feeling really light...